Ze Germans

future of assembly line workers

I want to be optimistic about the poor factory worker, but that would be delusional. Check this video out. When you're done looking at the robot on the left, check out how awesome the one on the right is.


interesting experiment

During your first encounter; if you feel so bold as to tell an interested woman: "I want to make children and begin practicing making them immediately." She will then abandon her ideas of "the perfect situation" (there is a formula for this). The ideas previously running rampant through her hormone laden psyche will abandon her, and soon after she will formulate a snap judgement based on your appearance, approach and verified stability. Stay fresh my friends, stay fresh.


My friend and business partner connected me with a soon to be doctor. I'm still not sure about whether or not to pursue the relationship. She questioned whether I liked women for sure or not.  My response:

"I am a woman in a man's body. Is that what you want to hear? ((interupts her)) Because I feel women deserve equal pay for equal work? Because I believe what you have to say is important? Sorry I was not aggressive enough in our initial phone conversation, but believe you me. All I want to do is to smell your skin, hair and lips while reveling in the fact you are accepting enough to look me in the eye while knowing you leave me wanting."

"Those two things don't belong together."
"Yeah well. Farrakhan."

Needless to say she wasn't ready for that.
I left the ring in a pool near Vegas. Damn.

You can have him back

Is the finger flicking necessary?  All I need is consistent love. 


This Guy

There are new ideas. 0 - 1---



If you saw the future and were as sure of it as you are of the last 80 milliseconds, would you share it with anyone? 


The nature of promises: immune to evolving or changing circumstances.

Players been chosen. 

We wrote a template scene. 

"we were going to make him look like jesus sir"

"How on god's green earth did that ever sound like a good idea?"
"because he made contact with at least 4 different ETR's sir."
"How'd this start?"
The scene immediately switches to voice over
"Well here's the thing, It's an over done grouping of similiar situations where the antoganist continually proves to himself that he is human."
The scene is then interupted.
"Is this is a Philip K. Dick novel?"
"No sir."
"He knows about the parasites sir."
"Mr. Chesney, are you implying that we have a rogue type 5?"
"Wait what's a rogue type 5?"
"What is he doing here?"
A man enters the room. Flashes a light into the eyes of Mr. Nassim.  This light incapacitates him to the point of fainting.  The man removes him from the room by dragging him with a full nelson type underarm hold.
"Well how the fuck did he get here?"
"We aren't sure. However, we have taken several blackmail measures to ensure that he doesn't continue to speak out about who or what he thinks he is."
"Has he been through the..."
The door to the office is kicked in.  A masked man using the man who dragged out Mr. Nassim as a shield  appears.  Before Mr. Chesney can reach for his pistol in the holster on the table, Mr. Gates is shot in the head.  The masked man, knowing Mr. Chesney is no longer a threat realeases the dead man body shield and removes his mask.
"You've got to be kidding me... Marree?"
End of scene.


no more

I don't wanna do this no more.


Somebody to Love

Development of one's conscious interaction theory starts with the scene count for a:  person - environment, person - animal, person - person , person - technology. technology - technology, technology - animal, technology - environment, environment - technology. environment - environment. (there is some math in there). Parameters = financial, location, transactional history, basic physics, electronic transmission from 2015 and Quantum Beta One.

They should be so lucky as to bid for parameters. Panda Jungle. This calzone may disappear.



dodged this bullet. face first into the monitor though. damn son, you giving that away? my nigga got legs! he got legs!